Established to create performance opportunities and artistic growth for classical singers and musicians.
"Championing Juvenile Diabetes"

A Non Profit Organization


Onyx Opera  moved to the VI one year ago to bring a Paradigm Shift to the territory. This shift will take place by exposing and involving children, the youth and Young adult to a whole new level of the Arts. Documented statistics have shown that; serious involvement and participation in the Arts has a positively effect on the academic  achievement of those students.
FYI; the ratio is a 4% increase in Mathematics and 7% in English. 

From my own experiences,  key benefits of Art involvement are; focus and discipline.   
Onyx Opera is a key part of Onyx Community Outreach Rehabilitation Center, along with Onyx Skill & Trade,
 LITAM Motivation Center,  Onyx Opera School of the Arts and Onyx Customer Service Center.